Excerpt, from the Diary of One Bi-polar Survivor

BREAKING CRAZY GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI (U.S.A.) | Recently, my home was destroyed by fire—no fault of my own.  As a result, I have been displaced now for nearly nine (9) months.  As a displaced journalist, you can imagine I have much time to ponder the things I have long put off—the first, my desire to complete at least one manuscript for publication.  Considering the diversity of my character, over the years I have attempted to put on paper several writings that I thought were individual books.  To my surprise, I recently realized that, which I thought to pen were all actually chapters in a single text.  I tell you, that makes it much easier to work towards completing the task. So for your review and comment, here is a sample excerpt of the work in progress.  Oh, the book, though title unrevealed, addresses my struggle to survive the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder/II and Borderline Personality, the clinical aspect of the illness, national position, provider care, necessity for advocacy, and so much more. And please, pass it … Continue reading


  GULFPORT, MS (November 4, 2014) |  The mid-term elections are underway across the nation, and the polls are still open.  Contrary to usual voter apathy, participation at Gulfport Precinct 14 in Gaston Point was obviously strong today. Gerald Woullard, a poll worker at that same precinct said, “We’ve had a bigger turn-out than expected.”  His wife, Claudette, agreed saying, “Today is going exceedingly well. Really smooth.” She said, “I think the voters were prepared for this election by the last two-primaries.”  Poll Workers stationed at Gulfport Precinct 4, District 2, at Fire House Central concurred with those at Gaston Point.   When asked about the national discussion with regard to the new requirement for voters to present their identification, Daphne Lecamo raising one finger commented, “We’ve had only one out of a hundred to have an issue with presenting their ID.”  “Most” Dominique Taylor said, “come in with their ID in their hand.  We don’t have to ask them.”  He was stationed at Precinct 14.   Poll Worker Brenda Wilson stationed at the downtown … Continue reading


GULFPORT, MS  (GAZETTE THEATER REVIEW) |  Thumbs up for the cast of FENCES!  Their performance was just “Awesome!” on Valentines Day night in Biloxi at The Center Stage.  For those who have made no plans to see the play, you got to know you’ll only be cheating yourself out of an unforgettable experience if you miss this one.   The play is set to close this weekend.   So call (228) 388-6258 to make reservations or go to www.CenterStageBiloxi.Org to purchase tickets for tonight (Saturday – February 15, 2014 at 7:30PM) or tomorrow (Sunday – February 16, 2014, at 2PM) at Center Stage, physically located of Eisenhower Drive in Petit Bois’ complex. Although the plot is set in Pittsburg during the 1957 era, today’s African-American families can still relate to the script and even find themselves some where between the lines.  “This sensational, multiple award wining drama” according to David Slatten, the producer of the postcard (pictured above), indicates it “centers on Troy Maxson, a former star of the Negro baseball leagues who now works as a garbage … Continue reading


GULFPORT, MS | Shepherd of the Gulf held its fourth annual Thanksgiving in the Woods on Saturday – November 23, 2013. In addition to sharing Thanksgiving dinner and distributing winter staples for the homeless survival in Gulfport, the group decided this year to simultaneously host a second event in Biloxi’s Hiller Park. Westside Park, which sits parallel to Highway 90, was the chosen site for Gulfport.  To pull off such massive act of kindness, Shepherd of the Gulf relies heavily on area volunteers, and this year was no different. They came before noon with donations of food and drink, clothes and shoes — and with hygiene and camping products in hand, ready to serve. Each, without hesitation, talked, laughed and socialized with South Mississippi’s most destitute population without showing repugnance to their obvious condition.  Volunteers came from all walks of life, giving of themselves. Jim Jordan, a member of the West Gulfport Baptist Church, participated by singing several gospel accompaniment tracks on his professional Karaoke machine. To power his equipment, a long orange electric cord … Continue reading


GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI |A near decade long road of immigration woes for Jose Del Carmen Silva Mujica and Patricia Silva finally came to an end today at the Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport where he returned from Lima, Peru, to the United States of America as a Permanent Resident. Wife, Patricia, was obviously beside herself as she could hardly speak without crying in a television interview with Hannah Moseley, a WLOX TV – Channel 13 Reporter, minutes just prior to his arrival. “Praise God,” she said, “we’re finally here.” Gasping for air she cried, “It’s finally over!” In that same interview, Patricia expressed sincere concern for others who yet needed like relief. “I thank God,” she said, “we don’t have to worry anymore about what the President will do—or what Republicans will or won’t allow but there are so many others who are still living in this situation.” The couple attempted to have Jose’s immigration status adjusted without him having to return to his native Country, but that effort was for naught because immigration policy dictated the only … Continue reading

Bipolar survivor advocates for the mentally ill

GULFPORT, MS (COMMENTARY)  |   Imagine if you will, your laying down to sleep one uneventful night with your whole life all in order (your home-life, employment, family, friends, and even religious affiliation), and then the next time your eyes open – without explanation – you find yourself in an unfamiliar dark world of confusion just trying to get home. In short, this is what happened to me. I would be diagnosed with Bipolar/Mixed Disorder with Multiple Personality Disorder.  The year was, I think it was, 2001.  And as far as I was concerned, the words that I heard coming out of the medical providers mouth had to be wrong!  Had to be somebody else! I cried so hard, “This can’t be.  This must be a dream! That’s right, just a bad dream. For God’s sake, I am a Christian!  A child of God!  No way, I can’t be demonically possessed!” You see, that’s what I believed, that such spirits could only be of the devil. I didn’t understand that this journey that I was about … Continue reading

Hurricane Isaac Relief Workers bound for St. John-The-Baptist Parish

GULFPORT, MS  | Three sisters—Lucinda Jones, Patricia Silva and Brenda Brown—departed central Gulfport with nearly twenty (20) volunteers in a church bus with a trailer full of cleaning supplies and work tools hitched to it.  This, being their  third visit to the area since  Hurricane Isaac, went again to provide additional relief to residents in their ancestral home town where distant relatives still live. Brown communicated, “Church volunteers were organized and lead by Pastor Ken Braxton of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church.”  Hearing reports from the first two visits and observing their efforts to collect clothes and cleaning supplies for the residents of St. John, Braxton opted to get more involved by calling for volunteers from the church’s Men Ministry.  Both Jones and Brown are congregation members of the local church—Brown is one of Braxton’s Associate’s Ministers. In addition to their relief efforts, the sisters have operated an independent ministry—PROCLAIM Fellowship Ministries, Inc.—predominantly in the west Gulfport neighborhood of Gaston Point to at-risk youth and their families.  Most recently services provided included the operation of The Reading And Study Skills After School Tutorial Program at … Continue reading